see past the horizon

see past the horizon

as of november 2nd, i am an instrument rated private pilot ahhhh!!!! i had been working on this for almost a year, and when i got to the end of my training, i was sooooo ready for the fulfillment of all my work. however, the excitement wasn't long lasting. 

not two hours after i passed my exam, i was already thinking forward and trying to plan my next steps. winning felt good, but i couldn't fully enjoy it without having a plan to keep winning. i mean, while my instructor and i were waiting for my examiner to arrive, we were talking through options for my next phase and job options. before i'd even taken the test i was already moving onto the next thing!! 

ever since the beginning of my flight training, i've learned that i have a tendency to try to see past the horizon. i can see the end of where i am right now, but that's never enough. i need more, i need to see further, i need more information, i need a more solid plan. 

i've been thinking a ton about rest and sabbath recently. this past month i've listened to a lot of sermons and podcasts that have talked about sabbath and rest being not just necessary, but commanded! one sermon that made a point that really struck me said that the fact that God made humanity on the sixth day of creation, and rested on the seventh was intentional; the first thing He modeled for us how to do not work, but rest. from the place of rest, we can work more efficiently and fruitfully. 

i've had my eyes stuck on the horizon, on day one of the week, but in God's perspective, my day one is actually rest. 

so this is a super short blog post about remembering to rest in the moment, enjoy where you are right now, and not try to see past the horizon. that's far enough, isn't it? let's just focus on how beautiful sunsets and sunrises are. have you've ever tried to see past one? neither have i. why? because there is nothing. all that we're, i'm, looking for is out in a realm too far beyond what i can see, reach, or even begin to comprehend. so it's the best i can do to be present in the here and now, enjoy the moment, and stop trying to see past the horizon. 

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You a life giving artist 🎨 on lots of levels.

Venus Nisbet

very inspirational.


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