graceful trappings are the words and colors that have been captured and turned into something beautiful

we've all felt trapped or boxed in in someway, but God has given us grace to find beauty even in the worst places, and power to burn our boxes. here they have been set on fire and the embers are all that remain. creativity has been freed to look like whatever the artist chooses. this is for more than just me, my heart is that everyone, artists or not, are inspired to set their boxes on fire.

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  • identity

    creating art has been a part of my process of self discovery. God created me for this. picking up a paintbrush or a pen has caused me to come more alive than i've ever been, all i have to do is embrace the simplicity of saying yes to who He's called me to be.

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  • the deep

    "launch into the deep. you will find Me over troubled waters. learn to look for My reflection in its face. the storms are not as far from Me as the wind may have led you to believe."

    God is not far from you even in a stormy season, the storms are just an opportunity to learn to find God's reflection even in troubled water.

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  • beautiful journey

    art is a way that i process or reflect on things i've been through. beautiful journey is my visualization of a lesson i've learned over the years- the mountaintop is no more beautiful than the valley. regardless of where i am, or where i'm going, there is always so much beauty there, so much to learn, and so many ways to grow, if i only embrace the process.

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